Louise Mai Østergaard Meyer

MSc Public Health, Research assistant

Tel.: (+45) 3816 xxxx
e-mail: louise.mai.oestergaard.meyer@regionh.dk

Louise Mai Østergaard Meyer finished her Masters degree in Human Nutrition in 2009 from University of Copenhagen. She has previously been working as a health consultant on the Healthy Start Intervention aiming at preventing overweight in children aged 2–6 years, who are yet normal weight, but have high predisposition for future overweight. Louise has great experience with motivational interviewing and individual guidance in relation to health behaviors such as diet and physical activity habits, reducing chronic stress and stressful events and improving sleep quality and quantity. She has also been teaching about healthy lifestyle to groups with chronic disease. She is now employed as a research assistant at the NoHoW project, examining ICT-based tool for weight loss maintenance.


Olsen NJ, Buch-Andersen T, Händel MN, Ostergaard LM, Pedersen J
et al. (2012) The Healthy Start project: a randomized, controlled
intervention to prevent overweight among normal weight, preschool
children at high risk of future overweight. BMC Public Health 12: 590.
doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-590. PubMed: 22852799.