Ph.d. afhandlinger


Hanyue Zhang
Testing For the Protein Leverage Hypothesis in Children, Adolescents and Pregnant Women and their Offspring


Monica Ladekarl
OBEAT – Beating Obesity: A feasibility trial

Christina Walker
Early life exposure to low vitamin D and risk of congenital heart disease

Xuan Ren
Early exposure (during pregnancy and early childhood) to dietary fatty acids and weight gain during childhood


Fanney Thorsteinsdottir
Influence of prenatal vitamin D on the development of asthma later in life


Karoline Winckler
Vascular ageing – carotid intima-media thickness and cardiovascular risk factors in persons with and without diabetes


Amelie Cleo Keller
Vitamins A and D during gestation and offspring metabolic health


Nora Döring
Obesity, health-related quality of life, labour market participation and effects and cost-effectivness of a childhood obesity prevention trial in societal perspective


Camilla Bjørn Jensen
Prenatal vitamin D exposure, birth weight and BMI at 7 years of age

Jeanett Friis Rhode
Dietary and physical activity behaviours among preschool children

Maria Stougaard
Vitamin D from food fortification and preeclampsia


Susanne Lempert
Kost og oral sundhed – betydning af mejeriprodukter for udviklingen af parodontale tilstande, caries og syreskader

Mina Nicole Holmgaard Händel
Nutrients and diet in early life and risk of pediatric fractures


Rasmus Køster Rasmussen
Diet and Metabolic Syndrom

Jeanett Tang-Peronard
Sammenhængen mellem tidlig PCB eksponering og senere forekomst af fedme (Early PCB exposure and the relation to subsequent obesity)

Nanna Julie Olsen
Prevention of weight gain among normal weight, high risk, pree-school children – a randomized controlled intervention study

Miaobing Zheng
Consumption of sugar-sweetend beverages and the changes in body fatness among children


Sofus Christian Larsen
Micronutrients, genetic predisposition to obesity and changes in measures of adiposity

Cameron Keith McDonald
Scacopenia, lean body mass change and dietary protein intake. Centre for Dietetic Research (C-Diet-R)


Mia Sadowa Vedtofte
Dietary alpha-linolenic acid intake and risk of coronary heart disease

Britt Wang Jensen
Effects of a school-based intervention on dietary intake, and the association between beverage intake and the development of obesity during childhood


Helle Hare
Betydningen af tidlig livsstil og sundhed for kostvaner som ung og voksen

Mette Kildevæld Simonsen
Association between intentional weight loss and mortality among initially healthy men and women


Iben Kynde
Impact of dietary carbohydrate quality and the interaction with physical activity to changes in insulin sensitivity among children and adolescents

Jane Østergaard Pedersen
Modificeres sammenhængene mellem henholdsvis alkoholindtag, rygning og ændringer i body mass index og dødelighed af fysisk aktivitet?

Birgit Marie Nielsen
Mejeriprodukter og udvikling af insulinresistens blandt børn og unge og interaktioner med fedme, fysisk aktivitet og familiær diabetes


Ida Husby
Børns mad, mellemmåltider og hovedmåltider – i et folkesundhedsperspektiv

Marianne Vamósi
Bio Psychological and Social Determinants of Obesity


Marianne Uhre Jakobsen
Intake of ruminant trans fatty acids in the Danish population aged 1-80 years. Dietary fat and risk of coronary heart disease: possible effect modification from gender and age

Dorthe Overgaard
Psychological workload and body weight


Jens Christian Holm
Physiological regulation of leptin

Per Togo
Food intake pattern and development of obesity