Pitt falls and methodological considerations in nutritional epidemiology

Aim and content
This course is free of charge for PhD students at Danish universities (except Copenhagen Business School). Special rules apply for research year students enrolled at Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at UCPH. All other participants must pay the course fee.
Anyone can apply for the course, but if you are not a PhD student, you will be placed on the waiting list for the course until enrollment deadline. After the deadline of enrollment, available seats will be allocated to students on the waiting list.

Learning objectives
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

1. understand diet reporting bias and consequences
2. understand methodological considerations related to measurement error, energy adjustment and substitution
3. understand the principles and use of Mendelian randomization
4. understand the potential, use and limitations of nutri-“omics”
5. apply directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) and graphical causal model theory

The aim of the course is to provide PhD.-students with basic knowledge in the epidemiology of human nutrition with an introduction to more advanced methodologies within nutritional epidemiology; Correlated data, adjustment for total energy, correction for measurement error, bias, evaluation of diet intake, biomarkers, molecular nutrition and diet and health.

PhD students with basic knowledge in epidemiology and nutrition


Lectures, group work, discussions, exercises.
For instance: Lectures, group work, discussions, poster presentations, exercises or others.

Course director
Berit L. Heitmann, Professor, PhD,

28-08-2017 – 31-08-2017

Course location
Research Unit for Dietary Studies, The Parker Institute
Frederiksberg Hospital
Nordre Fasanvej 57, Hovedvejen, Entrance 5,
2000 Frederiksberg

Please register here before 21-08-2017

Seats to PhD students from other Danish universities will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and according to the applicable rules.
Applications from other participants will be considered after the last day of enrolment.