Youth and Sport Survey (YYS)

The youth and sport cohort is a 20-year follow-up of approx. 3000 persons participating in an examination including physical activity and exercise habits as adolescents in 1983/85.

The cohort filled out a new questionnaire in the spring of 2005. Here they participated in a follow-up study where they filled out a general questionnaire, supplied information about their dietary habits and gave a DNA test. Furthermore, data will be linked to various registers containing information about mortality and morbidity. Data forms the basis of examinations of the effect of adolescent’s dietary and exercise habits and their lifestyle in general for their health 20 years later. Examinations of genetic determinants for lifestyle disease development, together with interactions between genes and environment/lifestyle for later disease development are obtainable.

Baseline data

Dietary data consists of a short food frequency questionnaire for some of the participants and a single 24 hours recall for others. Other data includes information on physical activity and education, home and family status, and smoking- and alcohol habits. Some of the participants have taken a physical test.

Follow-up data

Dietary data consists of a detailed, semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire. Other data includes information on health, lifestyle, physical activity, education, profession, etc. and a DNA test.

Dietary information

Short food frequency questionnaire (at baseline): 1748
24 hour recall (at baseline): 196
Detailed semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire (at follow-up): 830

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