Diet and Oral Health

The diet and oral health database is cooperation between Research Unit for Dietary Studies, The School of Dentistry and the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The aim of the database is to be able to study associations between dietary habits, food preferences, and salivary quality and quantity, also to study associations between dietary habits, food preferences and dental status and oral health.

Data collection is based on a random selection of participants (735 persons) in the 4th Copenhagen City Heart Study.

The Copenhagen City Heart Study is a longitudinal population study, which started in 1975. At baseline, the study population consisted of 20.000 persons, at the age of 20 years and above and living in 10 districts in the neighbourhood of Rigshospitalet. 14.233 participated at baseline.

Three follow-up studies have been carried out in 1981-83, 1991-94 and 2001+. At each follow-up, the study population has been expanded with new participants.

The study makes it possible to link odontological and dietary history data to medical, functional and sociological variables collected from the same participants over a period of more than 25 years.

The study includes a dietary history interview, forming the basis of a description of the habitual intake of food and nutrients, dietary patterns and habits from the past month. The average dietary intake was estimated from these interviews. Furthermore, a number of questions about dietary habits were given. Anthropometric measurements were carried out to evaluate the nutritional status and risk factors for lowered energy intake.

Data about oral condition is collected from other projects at the School of Dentistry of Copenhagen. Data about health and social status is collected from the Copenhagen City Heart Study.

Dietary information

Food diary interview: 735 persons
Age: 65+ strata 65-74, 75-84, 85+