European Youth Heart Study (EYHS)

The EYHS cohort is a longitudinal multicenter study of associations between lifestyle and risk factors in children and adolescents from the EYHS center in Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Portugal.


4.073 students from 3rd.- and 9th grade participated at baseline (1997/98). 589 from 3rd grade and 431 from 9th grade from the Danish center in Odense.
In the follow-up study (2003/2004), 459 former 3rd grade students (now 9th grade students) were re-examined and a new cohort of 498 3rd grade students was examined. Presently follow-up is ongoing in Norway.

At both baseline and follow-up, blood samples have been collected and measurement of blood pressure, body fat percentage, weight, and height have been carried out. In a bicycle ergometer test their fitness rating has been measured. And their physical activity levels have been measured by means of an accelerometer. Furthermore, the students have filled out a questionnaire about diet, smoking- and alcohol habits and back problems. The parents have also filled out a questionnaire about health, financial and social status.

Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at The University of Southern Denmark have carried out the examinations in collaboration with The University Hospital of Odense, Back Research Center, and Research Unit for Dietary Studies at The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Copenhagen.

Dietary information

24 hour recall (at baseline): 948 Danish students
24 hour recall (at follow-up): 830 Danish students
Dietary history interview (only at follow-up): ongoing computerization

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