Project ideas

Are you interested in working on a research project in an innovative research environment?

You must be familiar with Microsoft Office, preferable also with SAS, SPSS, STATA or similar statistical programs and use of the internet.

For further information about the projects, please contact
Professor Berit L Heitmann

Below you will find suggestions for projects:

  • Interactions between diet intake, weight change and familial disposition for obesity
  • Determinants for changes in hip and waist circumferences Stress and development of obesity
  • Vitamin D and cariovascular disease
  • Drugs and development of obesity
  • Socioeconomic consequences of obesity and fat distribution
  • Change from childhood, adolescence and adulthood obesity in relation to health outcomes (CVD, Fractures, mental, etc)
  • Tracking of Adolecent behaviour and lifestyle into midlife
  • Adolescent behaviour and diseases in midlife
  • Differential Intervention effects (Healthy start) among healthy weight and overweight children?
  • Changes in BW/fat-distribution/body composition after pregnancy and birth
  • Diet intake and risk of tooth loss over subsequent 6 years
  • Periodontitis, gingivitis, pocket depht and 10 year risk of CVD
  • Neonatal vitamin D levels and development of caries, enamel defects, etc
  • Midlife changes in body composition and fat distribution in relation to fracture risk (or other outcomes)
  • Salt intake (from 24 hour urinary Na/K excretion) and change in BP or blood Lipids
  • Workrelated stress and 15 year risk of hip fractures (or other outcomes)